Zombie Kitty Podcast 072: The Cat Returns

Where I travel to the Cat Kingdom and look at my favourite Studio Ghibli film: The Cat Returns! I also question some of the film’s logic, get a character’s breed wrong and, as usual, go through my notes.

I also look at the ‘Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy’ trailer for Trailer Talk.

Zombie Kitty Podcast 070: Comet

Where I look at my first romance film on this podcast: Comet. It may not be unique in its premise, but it definitely is in its execution. I give various analysis’ for it, say what I do and don’t like about the film, and comment on the idea of it being set around parallel universes.

I also look the opening scene for ‘Rings’ in Trailer Talk.

My Thoughts On: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix Original Series) (2017)

So, I was warned not to watch these Unfortunate Events but, alas, I have finished the Netflix Original Series and have decided to do a written article on this instead of a podcast episode. I also want to say that I am currently revisiting the book series after not reading them for about 13 years. Therefore,  I hardly remember anything that happened from Book 5 onwards so, if the show hinted at anything that will happened in season 2 and I haven’t noted it down then you know why.

So…this is your last chance to click off this page and read something much happier…..No?……..ok, let’s get this miserable experience going!

First off, I’m glad the series has gotten a TV reboot; it works better this way and allows us to see the whole series come to life, which I’m looking forward to for later episodes (I’m particularly looking forward to the ‘Slippery Slope’ story as I remember that being my favourite book). I also felt like I was watching the books come to life in terms of its dialogue and events, and I wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the actors were told to just read the books instead of a script for their lines. It felt like I was revisiting my childhood.

The acting overall was great, the stand outs being Patrick Warburton (Lemony Snicket), Neil Patrick Harris (Count Olaf) and Louis Hynes (Klaus Baudelaire). I would say that the first two episodes were probably the weakest: the acting seemed quite wooden from the majority of the characters and lines were delivered way too quickly, although I’m not sure whether the two child lead actors are newcomers or not. However, once it got to the third episode, the show flowed much better and the actors seemed more comfortable in their roles. Some scenes and backdrops looked too cartoony at times, which hurt my eyes a little. One scene in particular during ‘The Wide Window’ story looked pretty bad, which was a shame.

I also like the theme song, which is brilliantly sung by Neil Patrick Harris. However, the musical score overall was abit forgettable; I found the score for the 2004 film more memorable.

Despite the negatives, I really enjoyed this show: it was much closer to the books, and I’m glad that the wholes series will be brought to life. As unfortunate as it is, I am looking forward to the second series.


Favourite character(s): Klaus Baudelaire, Hook-handed Man, Mother

Least favourite character(s): Aunt Josephine

Favourite episode(s): The Reptile Room (Part 1), Miserable Mill (Parts 1&2)

The trailer is below:


My biggest complaint with the series has to be the direction the show took in regards to the Baudelaires parents. It felt like the show was trying to imply that the parents were alive and were just running away from the authorities. However, it’s revealed in the second to last episode that they were members of V.F.D and were running away, but they weren’t the Baudelaire’s parents at all. I didn’t like this and I wish they’d kept the direction of the parents being alive but running away. I could argue that the show wanted you to feel annoyed at this betrayal in its direction, but I doubt it. However, I am glad that the show addresses V.F.D straight away and continues to throughout the series, letting us know that the children’s fate has already been mapped out for them in secret.

Finally, the series finishes with a song that the main characters sing, however it didn’t really fit in with the rest of the series and stuck out like a sore thumb, a phrase in this context meaning ‘it was obvious it didn’t fit in with the series, therefore becoming more noticeable’.




Zombie Kitty Podcast 066: Blair Witch (2016)

Where I have finally got round to watching the sequel to a horror film that I hate with a passion. As well as giving my opinion of the film, I comment on the film’s marketing and whether it was overhyped and whether I think it’s scarier than its previous film, or if it’s scary AT ALL. Let’s go back into the woods with ‘Blair Witch (2016)’!

I also look at the trailer for ‘Raw’ in Trailer Talk.