31 Days Of Halloween-Take Two!

Back in 2016, I decided to take part in a challenge called ’31 Days Of Halloween’. In the challange, you had to watch a different type of horror film per day, e.g.: the 1st October would be creature feature and then the next day would be for a horror comedy, etc. However, I stopped doing the challenge because I had too much University work to do and didn’t get time to watch a film each day.

BUT! I want to try the challenge again! Except I won’t be following a specific genre per day. Instead, I will just be watching a horror film per day, the majority of them I either haven’t seen or haven’t covered on the podcast or website.

For the first film, I will FINALLY be visiting the Slasher Sleepout attraction with last year’s Frighfest hit ‘Ruin Me’! The review will be up on the 1st October.


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