I Went To London Film & Comic Con!

So, firstly, I want to apologize for the absence of a ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ episode this month: the reason for this is literally because I didn’t realize what the dates were and completely forgot about it…I’m sorry!

BUT! I went to another convention on Sunday, 30th July: London Film & Comic Con. This was the first time I’d been to this one, which was located at Kensington Olympia (This was also the first time I’d been to that area). I also didn’t go in cosplay this time as I was only there for one day.

After quickly queueing up, I was introduced to the Olympia!


The venue itself was fantastic (even though it wasn’t air conditioned) and had two huge hall rooms which I didn’t realize till a couple of hours before the event finished. Whilst queueing outside, I was advised by another attendee to get my Virtual Ticket for Kevin Smith’s signing straight away which, after spending ages trying to find the right desk, I did get one: my ticket number was 268. The signing and photo session systems worked in similar ways: you were given a batch or ticket number and that batch/number would be called out. This did mean that I had to keep coming back to the specific areas every now and again, which was annoying but, overall, I thought it was an effective way to deal with crowd control…And yes, I had a photo taken with Kevin Smith!


He’s such a wonderful and genuine person, and he took the time to talk to each person (even though the staff told us not to ask him anything).

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I wore my ‘Tusk’ t-shirt, which he said was amazing 😀 I also took my Tusk poster for him to sign.


Yep, pretty much sums up my feeling towards the film too!

With only 20 minutes to go till the event ended, the staff were trying to rush everyone along during the signing, so we were told not to talk to Kevin. However, I highly doubt they told him that because nothing sped up! I was also able to FINALLY thank him for making ‘Tusk’ as that was my introduction to podcasting and the start of my one. And, as I went to turn away, he quickly went ‘wait, wait, I wanna sign your T-shirt coz that’s awesome’. So thank you so so much good sir; I reckon you’ve made my whole year!


I also attended Kevin Smith’s talk, which was essentially a ‘Fatman on Batman’ episode crossed with a Q&A session (yay!). Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin talked about the London convention, did a small news round-up, a comic book talk and a Q&A session which probably went on longer than it should’ve done, but it was a fun and entertaining talk.


The biggest dissapointment for me was the absence of cosplays. The best ones I saw were a girl dressed as Colleen from ‘Tusk’ and ‘Yoga Hosers’ (complete with giant hockey stick!), and Patsy and King Arthur from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ (which I did take a picture of coz they were awesome. You could hear the coconuts from ages away):


Overall, I enjoyed London Film & Comic Con, although I’m glad I only went for one day. Whilst the venue was great, I didn’t feel there was enough there, and the fact that the majority of the talks were paid talks too really narrowed down your options. However, I met Kevin Smith, the guy who made ‘Tusk’ (which was the starting point of my own podcast), I made a new friend and reconnected with a college friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few years. So, overall, I would say it was definitely worth it.

Lastly, here’s the last couple of photos I took during the day:





I’ve only just now noticed Aku Aku in the background…


And yes, you could buy the giant wolf statue…Apperently it’s a great family pet!


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