Sony Have Just Annouced A Venom Stand-Alone Movie For 2018!

When Spiderman 3 hit cinemas back in 2007, a lot of people weren’t exactly happy with the way the film handled Eddie Brock/Venom’s story, saying that it was rushed and that Venom’s appearance didn’t resemble that of the Marvel comics. Since then, fans have been waiting for Sony to redeem themselves and give Venom a solo movie. And, on 16th March 2017, they may have done so as it’s been confirmed that Sony will be releasing a Venom stand-alone film(!)

Set to be released on 5th October 2018, it is said to be directed by Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy) and will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Venom first appeared in issues #298-300 of The Amazing Spiderman in 1988. It is an alien symbiote that requires a human host to survive and, in return, it gives the host incredible powers. As a huge fan of Venom, I’m really looking forward to this and I really hope Sony have learnt from their mistakes.

What are your thoughts on the Venom stand-alone film? Let me know either on here or on Twitter @zkittypodcast!




  1. J · March 22, 2017

    I’m all for a Venom movie but I do have my questions because how will the symbiote come to Earth outside of a meteor shower? Will it have anything to do with Peter Parker’s DNA in the beginning? Are they going the Ultimate Spider-man route?

    Sorry for the list but I’m just wondering about what the film’s foundation could be.


    • Zombie Kitty · March 22, 2017

      I don’t know if they’re going to do Parker’s storyline because, from what I’ve heard so far, they don’t want this film to connect with the MCU, but that could change. I really want them to go the Ultimate Spiderman route as I really liked that. I feel, either way, they’ll HAVE to include Spiderman though.

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      • J · March 22, 2017

        Yeah, that’s like the only thing, they’d need Peter or Miles to serve as the template. We’ll just have to see.


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