Day 27 of Halloween Film Challenge: Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

Sub-Genre of the Day: Demons

Oddly enough, this was the first film I thought of when I saw the sub-genre for this day. Even though it’s debateable whether The Creeper is a demon, I personally think it is and it would make sense for this to be the case.

The IMDb plotline is as follows: Set a few days after the original, a championship basketball team’s bus is attacked by The Creeper, the winged, flesh-eating terror, on the last day of his 23-day feeding frenzy.  

Oh look: it’s another film that I’ve covered on the podcast. I did this one waaay back in February, when the end of the month episodes were just special episodes. In the first special episode, I covered both of the ‘Jeepers Creepers’ films, but I didn’t talk about the second film as much as I did with the first film. Because of this, I felt that I should give this one another chance and I was originally going to do this in the form of a ‘rewatch’ podcast episode. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case and so, our paths have crossed in the form of a written review instead.

So…..I’m going to get ALL the negatives out of the way first.

I understand that this was the only way for the sequel to be executed, but I personally didn’t think it completely worked. If you thought some parts of JC1 was goofy and over-the-top, then just watch this one. Also the characters trapped in the bus are awful and horrible, and I didn’t care about them at all; this makes a huge difference from the Jenner siblings in the first film. Minxie is slightly bearable, and Justin Long’s cameo is a welcome sight, but a very confusing one. I found myself way more interested in Jackie and his dad’s story and, after finding out that these two characters were supposed to be the main story arc, I found myself really wishing that this had still been the case.

The colour design of The Creeper also seemed odd, and less scary and the sound of its scream had also changed, which I liked but I wasn’t expecting the pitch change. Speaking of colouring, the colour grading for the daytime scenes is horrible; it’s way too yellowey/orange and, at times, made my eyes hurt. There was a point where Justin Long’s T-shirt seems to be the same colour as the cornfields in the dream sequnce scenes.

The one positive I can give to this film is it has the most terrifying opening scene I’ve ever seen in a horror film.

Overall, I would watch this as a drunken watch, and I do enjoy this one as such. Although that doesn’t change the fact that the first time I saw this, it made me question whether I did actually like the first film, or whether I’d just been lying to myself the whole time.


The trailer is below:


Taking A Short Break

As you may not be aware, I am disabled. I have a condition called Hydrocephalus, which is when there is excess water around the brain, causing pressure against it. It can damage the brain and, with me, it damaged the parts that control my balance, co-ordination and spacial awareness. However, the excess fluid was able to be drained via a V.P shunt, which acts as a drainage system. There is A LOT more to this, but that info is all you need to know; if I gave you my full medical history, we’d be here for hours!

‘So…why are you telling me this?’ you might be wondering. Because one of my shunts (yes, I have two; the other one is to drain a cyst) has disconnected and isn’t functioning. This means I will need to go to the hospital to have an operation. When I had this type of operation before, I was very young so I don’t remember anything from that experience. Therefore, I don’t know how long the recovery period is going to take; an estimate is 2 weeks for recovery. Therefore, I am taking a 2-3 week break from 1st November.

I want to emphasize somthing now:


Zombie Kitty Podcast and the website WILL still continue, however there will be a couple of weeks without episodes or articles, as I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to write/record and upload them.

I hope you all understand this, but I will put up an episode and written post on the site and social media once I’m better and am able to record again.

I will see you all soon!

Zombie Kitty (Megan) x

Behind-The-Scenes: Saw

It’s another Behind The Scenes episode! In these episodes, I will look at and talk about the pre-production, production, post production, reactions and influences/inspiration of a film!

In this episode, I’m wanting to play a game as I looked at the first film belonging to the highest earning HORROR franchise ever (yes, I made a mistake). This one’s also my favourite horror film ever: 2004’s Saw!

CORRECTION: As well as Soundcloud, I’m also available on Itunes, which I forgot to mention in the episode.

Day 24 of Halloween Film Challenge: Blood Feast (1963)

Sub-Genre of the Day: Splatter film

The IMDb plotline is as follows: An Egyptian caterer kills various women in suburban Miami to use their body parts to bring to life a dormant Egyptian goddess, while an inept police detective tries to track him down.

The worst thing about this film is not the over-the-top acting (and there is A LOT of it), the odd cinematography in which the cameraman can’t decide whether to keep the camera still or the cheap gore. No, the worst thing about ‘Blood Feast’ is actually the soundtrack. The music does not fit at all with the visuals, and the foley sounds are awful and annoying, especially the police sirens (dear god, that gave me an earache!). The film also slows down to a snail’s pace a lot when it felt like it shouldn’t have done. The only positives I can give is that the gore used within the film, while it did look cheap, was quite striking due to its bright colouring, and the plot was something different and strange.

There isn’t much else I can say about this one. It’s a very simple plot. But, oddly enough, this will probably be added to my growing list of ‘guilty pleasure’ films, as I did enjoy it in a ‘so bad, its good’ way.


The trailer is below:



Day 22 of Halloween Film Challenge: Tusk (2014)

Sub-Genre of the Day: Body Horror

The IMDb plotline is as follows: When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him.  

So…I decided to choose a film that I’ve already watched and done for the podcast. Because I’ve already done a written review as well as a podcast for this, I’m instead going to link the podcast and article to this post. However, in short, I still love this film a lot; it still unsettles me and makes me uncomfortable, yet some of the dark humour really works. The acting and cinematography is fantastic, and Justin Long and Michael Parks had great on-screen chemistry. I still only have one or two negatives, which is the flashback between Michael Parks and Johnny Depp (which shouldn’t be in the film) and Johnny Depp’s character really overstayed his welcome.


The trailer is below:

‘The Walrus and the Podcasters’ podcast:

Written review:

Day 18 of Halloween Film Challenge: Saw: The Final Chapter (a.k.a Saw 3D) (2010)

Sub-Genre of the Day: Torture

Let’s be completely honest: a ‘Saw’ film was an obvious choice for this sub-genre!

The IMDb plotline is as follows: As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw’s brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.  

The ‘Saw’ franchise is one of my favourite franchises (next to ‘Final Destination’), and I decided to rewatch this one because I’d seen it only once before, which was a few years ago. Therefore, I don’t remember much from it.

There’s probably a good reason for that: this is the worst entry in the series. The acting in the franchise is usually hit-or-miss anyway, but this one has a lot more over-the-top acting, to the point where it’s funny instead of creepy or gross. The gore is still the same amount that we’ve come to expect, however the sounds that accompany these particular visuals seem to be more exaggerated than the previous films, so it stands out horribly. Also, the blood is, at times, pink.

This film definitely seems to add some dark humour to its overal tone. Although, if the humour was not intentional then this film is in the category of ‘so bad its good’ and ‘watch if you’re drunk’. I would say that ‘Saw 3D’ is a very dissapointing end to the ‘Saw’ franchise, but ‘Saw: Legacy’ is coming out next year, so the games have not ended just yet. Hopefully that one will be a better end to one of my favourite franchises than this film was.


The trailer is below:

Day 15 of Halloween Film Challenge: Slither (2006)

Sub-Genre of the Day: Aliens

The IMDb plotline is as follows: A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.  

This is gonna be weird for me, because this is a great film…that I don’t really want to rewatch ever again. And that’s for one simple reason: This is pretty much the only horror film that’s made me feel sick. Now, this film IS a body horror/gross out horror comedy, so it definitely does what it says on the tin (as the phrase goes). Therefore, I can’t complain, and I knew what to expect going into this; even so, it still surprised me.

So in terms of its horror, it did exactly what it set out to do which was to gross and creep you out. And, in terms of its comedy, it delivered as well using dark humour as its comedic element. The acting is pretty decent as well. There is a couple of misses, but nothing too bad, and the use of practical effects are great. The only negative thing I can think to say about it is that, for me, it did slow down at times which gave it an odd sense of pacing. But, when you put the positives and negatives together, you’ll realize that this is a pretty great film that was written and directed by the guy who would later direct ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. What a change of pace…..just make sure you’re not eating while watching this.


The trailer is below: