Behind-The-Scenes: Foodfight!

It’s another Behind The Scenes episode! In these episodes, I will look at and talk about the pre-production, production, post production, reactions and influences/inspiration of a film!

In this episode, I will be looking at the worst and most expensive animated film ever: Foodfight!


Zombie Kitty Podcast 050: The Collector

Where I get trapped in a huge house that looks oddly similar to the one in 1986’s Spookies in a film that seems similar to the Saw franchise.

SIDE NOTE: I’m currently available on Soundcloud and Itunes, but I will not be on PODBEAN from MONDAY 3RD OCTOBER onwards.

My Thoughts On: ‘Primal’ (2010)

Films take a lot of time, work and effort to make. Because of this, I’ll always try and finish a film that I choose to watch…..this article is going to be a weird one because ‘Primal’ is the exception to my personal rule.

‘Primal’ follows a group of friends, as they travel into the Australian wilds to view ancient cave paintings. However, they soon find a horrible sickness gripping one of their own, which leaves them with nothing in their mind but a primal blood lust.

‘Primal’ is a horror film that’s been on my watch list since college. I remember seeing the DVD of it in HMV and thinking it looked unique and interesting and, when it came on the UK Horror Channel a couple of weeks ago, I immediately recorded it…..and then I switched it off 30-40 mins into watching. The characters are horrible and there’s nothing likeable about them. The pacing is also incredibly slow; so slow that I was looking at the timer on the TV so many times you could’ve started giving me a pound for every time I did that. And, like Blair Witch 2, the editing is unbearable. There was also a screeching noise every now and again, which made me feel weird and dizzy, so that didn’t help my viewing experience. This is a shame, and unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll come back to this anytime soon. As I was originally going to do a podcast on this, I wrote some notes down but, seeing as this won’t be happening now, I thought I’d put them here despite them possibly being all over the place and informally written. Also, since I didn’t finish this film, I won’t be giving it a rating as I don’t think that’s fair.


-That was weird opening credits

-I immediately find these people annoying

-Where are they supposed to be going? What’s the purpose of their journey?

-The stinger type music is hurting my ears

-Cheap jumpscares already. God sake!

-Like Blair Witch 2, the editing is awful. Slow mo and sped up footage

-Typical horror movie characters – I HATE THESE PEOPLE!

-Why did the blonde girl bring a soft toy?

-The cinematography is so shaky, it’s making me dizzy!

-This guy can’t sing. Shut up!

-Why is the blonde girl’s boyfriend not doing anything?

-Why is this guy in charge? He’s not a doctor!

-This is boring. Help me.