Zombie Kitty Podcast 013: Poet Anderson

Where I talk about a short film that introduces us to the Dream World and a Lucid Dreamer.


Special Episode 002: The Walrus And The Podcasters

Join me and my friend, as we take an oceanic adventure across the True North, and look at the main inspiration for this podcast: Kevin Smith’s TUSK.

The Special Episodes will be uploaded on FRIDAY of the last week of each month. They will either:

Focus on multiple films belonging to the same director, writer.

A couple of films from a franchise.

Or be a Behind-The-Scenes episode.



Zombie Kitty Podcast 009: Skyfall

This is where I look at a non horror film: James Bond in 2012’s Skyfall. I discover a mistake in my knowledge of the London Underground, try and figure out who the Bond girl was and comment on the development of various characters. I also say what I liked/disliked about the Bond film.